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100 pounds, the total rise in gold prices up to…the reason is confusing


Gold prices in Egypt continue today, Friday, and until evening trading, to rise in the local market, despite the firm stability on the global market for the price of gold, as an ounce recorded 1918 dollars.

Sources in the goldsmiths’ market attributed the reasons for the increase in the yellow metal by about 100 pounds at the different prices of bullets, to one of two things: the change in the exchange rate in the parallel market or the increase in demand.

While other sources pointed out that the sudden increase in gold prices in Egypt, which had not occurred since last June (2250 pounds, the price of a 21 carat gram), came as a result of the demand for buying bullion and pounds.

And the sources continued, which suggested that the demand for gold is behind its high price, and not the change in the exchange rate in the parallel market, justifying this with the increase in the demand for gold pounds after the appearance of the high school results, as well as engagement and wedding occasions, in addition to the purchases of citizens in order to save.

And “Al-Fajr” follows through its economic website, the gold prices in Egypt, moment by moment, within the framework of providing its services to readers and followers, and the gold prices in Egypt are now according to the recent updates:

Gold price in Egypt

Gold prices today

Gold prices now

The price of 18 karat gold recorded about 1959 pounds

The price of 21 karat gold recorded about 2285 pounds

The price of 24 karat gold recorded about 2611 pounds

The price of the gold pound

The price of the gold pound (8 grams) recorded about 18,320 pounds.

The price of an ounce

The local price of an ounce is 81,389 pounds.

The global price of gold

An ounce recorded 1914 dollars.

According to reports issued by the World Gold Council, about the 5 largest Arab countries with gold reserves, Egypt ranked fourth in the world with a total of 125.8 tons of gold reserves, while the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked first with 323.1 tons of gold.

The World Gold Council stated, in its report last month, that the Middle East and North Africa region has a total reserve of 1507 tons of gold, and the fifth Arab countries represent 69% of the share of the Middle East and North Africa.

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