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443 thousand violating stores, and Riyadh tops the closed ones


Jeddah topped the violating stores at the level of the Kingdom last year with 23%, while Riyadh acquired the largest share of closed stores with 61%, at a time when the total number of violating stores in the regions of the Kingdom reached 443,083 violating stores, and the stores that were closed 128,475 closed stores, and the total financial fines amounted to 611,143 enforceable fines, and the number of warnings is 921,918 warnings.

Two million stores

The report of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs for the past year revealed that 2,230,955 stores were inspected in the Kingdom, and the total number of workers in those stores reached 1,766,692 workers. The total health certificates reached 952,699 health certificates.

most offenses

Jeddah topped the most violating stores last year, with a total of 104,054 violating stores with 23%, Riyadh ranked second with a total of 96,398 violating stores with 22%, Asir third with a total of 43,136 violating stores with 10%, the Holy Capital fourth with a total of 37,102 violating stores with 8%, and Taif fifth with a total 25,638 violating stores, or 6%.

61% in Riyadh

The Riyadh region acquired the largest share of closed shops at the regional level, with a total of 78,579 closed shops at 61%, Jeddah came second with a total of 22,557 closed shops at 18%, Al-Ahsa third with a total of 7513 closed shops at 6%, Eastern Province fourth with a total of 2992 closed shops at 2.32%, and Asir fifth with a total of 288 3 closed shops at 2.24%.

Most alarms

The Riyadh region topped the regions with the most warnings for shops with 381,100 warnings, Jeddah came second with 211,851 warnings, Taif came third with 79,135 warnings, the Holy Capital fourth with 36,185 warnings, and Tabuk fifth with 29,437 warnings. Financial fines Riyadh topped the financial fines with 173,923 fines, Jeddah came second with 149,199 fines, Taif came third with 74,596 fines, Medina came fourth with 37,072 fines, and the holy capital came fifth with 35,771 fines.

23% of the violating stores in Jeddah

61% of closed shops in Riyadh

443,000 total violating stores

128 thousand total closed stores

611 thousand fines

921.9 thousand alarms

Two million stores were searched

1.7 million workers in the shop

1885 health monitors

234.9 thousand shops were granted public health licenses

952.6 thousand health certificates

most offenses

Jeddah 23%

Riyadh 22%

Aseer 10%

Holy Capital 8%

Taif 6%

Most are in closed shops

Riyadh 61%

Jeddah 18%

Al Ahsa 6%

Eastern 2.32%

Aseer 2.24%

Most fines

Riyadh 173.9 thousand

Jeddah 149 thousand

Taif 74.5 thousand

Medina 37 thousand

Holy capital 35.7 thousand

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