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50 years after the October victory… Israel clashes with the refusal of Egypt and the Arabs to displace the Palestinians


The American newspaper “The New York Times” reported that 50 years ago, Israel faced Egypt and Syria in the war of October 6, 1973, in which Egypt and the Arabs achieved victory, in retaliation after the Six-Day War or the setback that occurred in 1967, in which Israel defeated the armies of three Arab countries – Egypt, Syria and Jordan.

Today, if we look closely, you will see that Israel is now fighting a war on six fronts that includes Arab countries and international organizations, the newspaper continued.

Israel is the loser in its battle with the world

She continued that this war is being fought through non-state actors, nation-states, social networks, ideological movements, West Bank communities, and Israeli political factions, and it is the most complex war in Israel’s history, but the only thing that is certain is that Israel will not survive this war, Unless it forms a united front with the United States of America, which is somewhat unlikely after the major divisions in the American administration over President Joe Biden’s support for Israel.

She added that, in contrast to the divisions in the American administration, it is unfortunate that Israel today has a Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and a ruling coalition that will not be able to produce the cornerstone necessary to support such a global alliance, and this cornerstone is to announce the end of the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and reform Israel’s relations with the Palestinian Authority, such that it becomes a legitimate Palestinian partner capable of governing Gaza and establishing two broader alliances.

The New York Times indicated that Israel’s demands to displace Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza are immoral or strategic. Israel will not be able to provide the time, financial assistance, legitimacy, Palestinian partner, or global allies it needs to win this war with six fronts, and all fronts. The women are now hiding in plain sight, and some of them are clearly declaring their complete rejection of the Israeli plans.

Palestine unites the surrounding fronts regionally and globally as a result of the Israeli aggression

The newspaper said that, on the other hand, Palestine succeeded in unifying the surrounding fronts regionally and globally without any significant effort, and Israel tried to turn the tables, but failed again, and lost any international support or legitimacy for it, especially after Benjamin Netanyahu took power, as his decisions helped in promoting unification. Anti-Israel fronts, by challenging the status quo in Jerusalem, which Muslims revere as the Noble Sanctuary, where one of Islam’s holiest sites, Al-Aqsa Mosque, is located and taking steps to impose tougher conditions on Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, have drawn up plans to expand Israeli settlements in the West Bank In a huge way to prevent the establishment of a continuous Palestinian state at all, this is the first Israeli government ever to make annexation of the West Bank a stated goal in its coalition agreement.

A diplomatic battle with Egypt and Jordan over the displacement plan

She stressed that Israel does not realize that the Arabs concluding peace agreements with it does not mean that they may give up their land to displace the Palestinians there, which now places it in a diplomatic battle with Egypt and Jordan, as it faces another war with Iran and armed groups in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

She added that the other fronts that Israel faces are the international community and the United Nations, which has completely turned against Israel, and has explicitly declared its rejection of the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and the killing of children in this way.

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