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65 thousand employees are required to work in the hospitality sector in Germany


Ammon – Germany is currently suffering from a shortage of workers in the hotel and restaurant sector, estimated at about 65,000 employees, according to data from the German Federation of the Hospitality Sector (Dehuga).

“According to (Dhihuja’s) monthly surveys, staffing shortages are consistently one of the biggest challenges facing companies,” the union said.

“The German Employment Agency reported 33,160 vacancies in the hospitality sector for the month of June. However, we assume that the actual demand is at least twice as high, as many companies no longer report their vacancies to employment agencies or job centres,” said Sandra Varden, an expert on the labor market at the federation.

Farden referred to June 2019 figures when nearly 40,000 vacancies were reported, and said: “As we know, the problem has exacerbated dramatically since then (in the aftermath of the Corona pandemic) … especially now in the holiday season and the associated increase in demand in tourist destinations, the need continues to increase,” noting that restaurant companies are currently dealing with the situation in any way possible.

“There are companies that therefore have to shorten their hours, or close their doors on certain days, or focus on their menu offerings,” Varden said, adding that some restaurants have begun to focus more on self-service rather than full-table service.

Varden said Dehuja members hope the sector will quickly benefit from the potential offered by immigration reforms, as well as facilitating the employment of refugees.

In addition, the union called for a campaign of dual vocational training and more appreciation for practical professions and skills.

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