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78 billion assets of financing companies


The assets of real estate financing and refinancing companies increased last year by 17%, reaching 78.02 billion riyals, and the total liabilities of the companies’ assets exceeded the total equity, as the total liabilities amounted to 50.47 billion compared to 49.29 billion riyals total equity, at a time when the combined capital amounted to 19.64 billion riyals, which increased by 0.4% compared to 2021, and the classification of the credit portfolio according to the activities of financing companies reached 65% non-real estate compared to 35% real estate.

11% growth

A recent report by the Central Bank, which highlighted the annual performance of the financing companies sector, revealed that the total financing portfolio grew by 11% for the year 2021, as the total financing portfolio reached 75.45 billion riyals, of which 49.29 billion were for non-real estate financing companies, and 26.16 billion for real estate financing companies, and the combined net profit increased by 3%, which amounted to 1.97 billion riyals, and the volume of new financing amounted to 27.62 billion riyals, which increased by 9%, and the net income of the financing companies sector reached 3%. 1.86 billion riyals, of which 1.53 billion is the net income of non-real estate finance companies, and 0.33 billion is the net income of real estate finance companies.

0.1% decrease

The total return on assets decreased last year, reaching 3.3%, compared to 3.4% in 2021, a decrease of 0.1%, and the returns of real estate financing companies amounted to 2.4%, compared to 3.5% returns on non-real estate financing companies, and the total return on equity reached 2.4%, a decrease of 0.2% compared to 2021, which amounted to 2.6%, and the total return on capital reached 12.7%, an increase of 0.3% % for 2021, which amounted to 12.4%, and the return on capital for real estate financing companies last year reached 8.9%, compared to 14% for non-real estate financing companies.

forefront of finance

Residential real estate financing topped the financed activities according to the classification of the financing portfolio with 30%, personal financing solutions second with 25.4%, vehicle financing third with 25.4%, commercial real estate financing fourth with 6%, equipment financing fifth with 2%, individuals topped the classification of the financing portfolio by financing sector with 76%, micro, small and medium enterprises second with 21%, companies third with 3%, and The total financing companies sector in the classification of non-performing loans of the financing portfolio reached 6.3%, non-real estate financing companies 7.2%, and real estate financing companies 3.8%.

forefront of activities

Building and construction activities topped the classification of the credit portfolio according to economic activities with a rate of 24.8%, trade came second with 19.8%, services third with 16%, transport and communications fourth with 12.3%, and industry fifth with 9%.


– 17% increase in the assets of financing companies.

– 78 billion assets of financing companies.

– 20 billion combined capital.

– 65% classification of non-real estate financing activities.

– 35% of real estate financing activities classification.

– 11% growth in the financing portfolio.

– 3% growth in the consolidated net profit.

– 28 billion, the volume of new financing.

– 3% of the total return on assets.

– 30% residential real estate financing.

– 6.3% rating non-performing loans for financing companies.

The most common type of residential real estate

Villas: 74%

Apartments: 22%

Land: 3%

Other: 1%

Most types of commercial real estate

Land: 34%

Commercial buildings: 17%

Other: 15%

Office buildings: 13%

Villas: 11%

Most credit portfolio rating activities

Building and construction: 25%

Trade: 19%

Services: 16%

Transport and communications: 12%

Industry: 9%

more regions

Riyadh: 39%

Mecca: 24%

Eastern: 19%

Aseer: 5%

City: 4%

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