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99.4 million pounds, the value of sales of foreigners on the Egyptian Stock Exchange over the course of 4 sessions


The weekly report of the Egyptian Stock Exchange revealed that Egyptians’ transactions accounted for 87% of the total transactions on stocks listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, during the week’s sessions, with foreigners accounting for 5.4%, and Arabs for 7.7%, after excluding deals.

Foreigners recorded a net sale on the Egyptian Stock Exchange of 99.4 million pounds, and Arabs recorded a net purchase of 91.6 million pounds, after excluding deals.

Egyptians’ transactions represented 84.5% of the trading value of listed shares since the beginning of the year after excluding deals, while foreigners recorded 7.4%, and Arabs recorded 8%. Foreigners recorded net selling on the Egyptian Stock Exchange since the beginning of the year at a value of 8.593 billion pounds, while Arabs continued to record net purchases of about 1.951 billion pounds, on listed shares after excluding deals since the beginning of the year.

The main index of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, “EGX30”, rose by 1.36% to close at the level of 17578.67 points, during the week’s ending sessions. The index of small and medium stocks, “EGX70 of equal weights”, rose by 2.11%, to close at the level of 3500.48 points. “EGX 30 weight limiter” increased by 1.33%, to close at 21,354.23 points, and the Excellence index fell by 0.78%, to close at 5,422.65 points.

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