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A document from Biden to Congress reveals America’s plans to displace Palestinians to Egypt


A document issued by the White House sent to Congress revealed American plans to implement the plan to displace Palestinians to Sinai in Egypt. The document was issued by the office of US President Joe Biden on October 20, that is, one day before the Cairo International Peace Summit, as the document includes American sums. Dedicated to Palestinian refugees, who will be forcibly displaced from Gaza and the West Bank to Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

New American plans for displacement

The document includes items for the supplementary budget for the US general budget for the new fiscal year worth $106 billion, which is being prepared in a state of emergency, stressing that this supplementary budget is in order to support Ukraine in its war with Russia and to provide support to Israel in its war with the Palestinian factions and its aggression against the Gaza Strip.

In the document, the White House called for the necessity of providing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, while at the same time financing Israel and disbursing urgent military aid to it.

Part of the document issued by the White House

In the 69-page document, the White House called for allocating more emergency funds for resettlement efforts and support for Palestinian and Ukrainian refugees, which raises questions about the secret of the American insistence on resettling Palestinians in the Sinai Peninsula despite Egypt’s complete rejection of all these attempts.

In the document, Biden requests the allocation of $3.4 billion to support refugees and resettlement efforts in Ukraine, referring to the conditions in Israel and the areas affected by the war waged by Israel, which includes the West Bank and Gaza Strip, for which $50 million was allocated.

The document explicitly said that an amount will also be allocated to support displaced people from the West Bank and Gaza Strip who are affected by the ongoing conflict, and support residents of the Gaza Strip fleeing to neighboring countries, and this will include food and non-food items, health care, emergency shelter support, and assistance in the field of water, sanitation, and protection. In emergency situations, this will also include potentially critical humanitarian infrastructure.

She added that the crisis in Gaza could lead to “cross-border displacement,” with increased regional humanitarian needs, and that the funding could be used to meet evolving programming requirements outside Gaza, including Israel, the West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt.

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