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A tour for housing officials in New Suez, Masaneen, Ataqa, to support investments and overcome obstacles


Engineer Asmaa Makhlouf, head of the New Suez City Authority, and officials of the city authority visited a factory for the production of gypsum and its derivatives, and a factory for the production of ceramics and porcelain, as part of the periodic visit of officials of the New Suez City Authority to the factories and companies of the first industrial zone in Ataka in New Suez, to stand on the movement of investments in the city and to identify and overcome any obstacles or problems that may face investment or production.

Engineer Asmaa Makhlouf started the visit by inspecting the gypsum factory in the industrial zone, which produces gypsum and its various derivatives with German investments, on an area of ​​133,216 square meters, with a production capacity of 30 million m / year, and 15% of its products are exported under the Knauf Egypt brand to many countries of the world.

The company’s officials praised the cooperation of officials of the New Suez City Authority, and the coordination with the Electricity Distribution Company in solving the electricity problem and its stability, as well as allocating additional land for the company’s expansions in the city.

Engineer Asmaa Makhlouf confirmed that the city’s authority has put forward the implementation of a tree fence with a length of 7 km to protect the first industrial zone in the city, Ataqah, from dirt and dust that may affect the production of some factories and companies, stressing that the factory is a practical example of the phrase “Made in Egypt”, which competes with its foreign counterpart and applies the highest quality standards. Egypt has capabilities and competencies that have recently changed the industrial map for the better.

Engineer Asmaa Makhlouf also visited a company for the production of ceramics and porcelain in the expansion area of ​​Ataqah, which extends over an area of ​​40,760 square meters with a production capacity of 30,000 m/day.

During the visit, Engineer Asmaa Makhlouf indicated that an additional area of ​​13,000 square meters has been allocated for the company’s expansions to be able to increase production and export, and that a product such as Majestic porcelain is an industrial precedent behind which there is a story of support, support, work, perseverance and determination that confirms the ability of the people of this country to develop and progress.

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