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Abu Dhabi Islamic denies selling its stake in Evaco Petroleum Company


Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank confirms the validity of the news circulating regarding the sale of a shareholding in Evaco Petroleum Company.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank said in a statement to the Stock Exchange that there is no truth to the news circulating, and if any decisions are taken, the Stock Exchange will be notified.

A collective rise in stock market indices at the beginning of today’s trading

Stock market indices opened trading today, Sunday, with collective increases for their indices, supported by local purchasing operations, ignoring Standard & Poor’s decision to reduce Egypt’s long-term credit rating.

The main index “egx30” rose by 0.79% to 21,787 points, and the index “egx70” rose.

by 1.81% to 3989.88 points, and “egx100” increased by 1.5% to 6035 points

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