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Agriculture continues to distribute wheat seeds and winter crops and provide production requirements in Wadi Natroun and Nubaria


Dr. Mohamed Youssef, Head of the Central Administration for Agricultural Guidance at the Ministry of Agriculture, visited the Agricultural Administration in Wadi El-Natroun to inspect the process of distributing seeds and providing fertilizers. He inspected the outlets for distributing good seeds for winter cultivation, fertilizers, and pesticides, and worked to ensure their immediate availability and communicated with the farmers and conveyed to them the most important technical recommendations accordingly. For the age stage of the crop, the extension center in Wadi Natroun was visited.

“Youssef” also visited Nubaria in the presence of Engineer Hossam Mahfouz, Director of the Agriculture Directorate in Nubaria, where he visited the seed distribution outlets and checked on all production requirements for the success of the winter season. He was accompanied by Muhammad Abdullah, Director General of the Technical Office, and Engineer Sobhi Lawandi, Director of the Agricultural Administration in Wadi El-Natroun, affiliated with the Agriculture Directorate. Al-Buhaira and gentlemen colleagues in the administration.

Mr. Al-Quseir, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, during the wheat planting season, directed the Ministry’s leaders to be with farmers in the fields and educate them about the necessity of using new seeds approved by the Ministry.
He also stressed the leadership of the Ministry and its directorates in the governorates to develop a specific plan to raise the rates of use of approved seeds to increase productivity, while reviewing the plan with the needs for seeds.

He also directed the sectors of extension, services, follow-up and agricultural research to increase awareness rates and spread of programs to expand the use of agricultural practices for wheat and to present the benefits of this economically and in numbers.

In addition to providing all aspects of technical support, recommendations and guidance throughout the cultivation period until harvest to protect the crop from diseases as well as to confront unstable weather fluctuations.

Al-Quseir stressed that wheat is one of the strategic crops that receives the state’s attention to achieve food security for citizens and reduce the import bill

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