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Al-Ahly fans announce the challenge


Al-Ahly club fans welcomed its promoted team from the “Yellow” league to Roshen with new cheers and chants that were prepared some time ago, led by Badr Turkestani.

Al-Ahly fans welcomed its new international stars with a chant that began with words from the Algerian dialect in which the names of foreign players were mentioned.

Amidst the contracts of the first football team for Al-Ahly Club with strong deals, the fans released a new song, which was reported on social media, “Shakun Antouma and you are coming to play.”

The words of Al-Ahly’s songs contain the names of the team’s stars who joined in the summer of 2023, such as Mendy, Firmino, Mahrez and Maximin, in addition to the star of the team, Riyad Boudebouz.

A second song presented by the audience is (This is what we got rid of) performed by Hammoud Asiri, which spread after the victory over Al-Hazm.

Brazilian and European channels broadcast Al-Ahly’s opening meeting against Al-Hazm, and media professionals from abroad were present at Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium in Jeddah. They watched and reported the heavy presence of Al-Raqi fans, their interactions, joys, and songs during the meeting and after achieving victory.

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