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Al-Jaghbir: Jordan’s location and security stability attract investment


Al-Jaghbir: Jordan’s location and security stability attract investment

08-03-2023 09:09 PM

Ammon – The head of the Jordan and Amman Chambers of Industry, Fathi Al-Jaghbir, said on Thursday that the industrial sector employs 260,000 Jordanian workers, as studies conducted between the official authorities and the Chamber of Industry show that the rate of employment for each industrial facility is 13 people.

Al-Jaghbir added to a program during the “Voice of the Kingdom” program presented by his colleague, Tariq Al-Zoubi, that the importance of government support for the industry is due to several reasons. The most important of them is for operation, introduction of hard currency, and supply to the treasury, where there is a factory that supplies the state treasury with one billion dinars annually.

He pointed out that Jordan’s geographical location and security stability are attractive and encouraging for investment from any country in the world.

He explained that Jordan has many positives, but there are negatives that must be “eliminated”. Including energy, where alternative energy must be secured for the industrial sector, in addition to the transportation process from the port to the industrial areas.

He pointed out that there should have been a railway in Jordan years ago.

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