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An Iraqi researcher for “Al-Dustour”: The Cairo Peace Summit will hold the world responsible towards Palestine


Aed Al-Hilali, a member of the coordination framework in the Iraqi Parliament, said that the crisis in Gaza is worsening day after day with the siege imposed by the occupation for more than two weeks and the crimes of destruction it is carrying out against civilians in the Strip.

Al-Hilali added, in exclusive statements to Al-Dustour, that the Cairo Peace Summit begins tomorrow, indicating that it will put great pressure on the international community to calm the situation and cease fire in the Gaza Strip.

The summit puts the world before its responsibilities towards Palestine

The Iraqi MP continued that the main goal of the summit is to hold the international community responsible for Israeli violations inside the Gaza Strip.

Al-Hilali explained that the Zionist killing machine is waging unparalleled destruction even in the darkest circumstances of the First and Second World Wars.

He continued: Millions of citizens around the world interacted with the events in Gaza, and demonstrations denouncing the crimes of the occupation began even inside the United States, where demonstrators stormed the US Capitol building and demanded a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the delivery of humanitarian aid to save millions of Palestinians who have been besieged for nearly 15 days.

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