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“Basic Resources” topped the most rising sectors on the stock market within a week


The weekly report of the Egyptian Stock Exchange revealed that the basic resources sector topped the ranking of sectors traded on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, in terms of trading value during last week’s sessions, after recording a trading volume of 213.4 million securities, with a value of 5.1 billion pounds, and the non-banking financial services sector came second among the sectors in which It witnessed activity, with a trading volume of 885.3 million papers, worth 3.2 billion pounds.

While the banking sector ranked third with a trading volume of 53.7 million notes worth 2.5 billion pounds, followed by the real estate sector with a trading volume of 797.7 million notes worth 2.1 billion pounds, then the communications, media and information technology sector with a trading volume of 369.9 million notes worth 1.8 billion pounds.

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