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Cairo Peace Summit… Arab analysts: A step to end the aggression against Gaza and prevent the liquidation of the Palestinian cause


Arab politicians and analysts believed that the “Cairo Peace Summit,” which Egypt is hosting with the participation of dozens of countries and international organizations, today, will represent important support for the Palestinian cause, and aims to stop the ongoing Israeli violations against the Palestinian people.

Dr. Ayman Al-Raqab, professor of political science at Al-Quds Open University, said that the “Cairo Peace Summit” comes with the participation of many countries and international organizations, to put the world before its responsibilities, whether humanitarian or political.

Al-Raqab added to Al-Dustour: “Cairo wants the summit participants to seek to stop the raging war on Gaza, restart the peace process on the basis of the two-state solution, and support the Arab position of rejecting the displacement of Palestinians from their land to Sinai, because this means liquidating the issue.” “Palestinian.”

He believed that the failure of the United States and the Israeli occupation to participate in the summit would make it lose its tools to pressure the occupation, but it remains an international demonstration to stop what is happening in Gaza, open horizons for peace, and hold the international community accountable for the failure of all peace attempts over the course of seventy-five years.

He continued: “The summit must achieve a ceasefire, bring in relief and medical aid, and fuel, as well as come up with a vision that guarantees a political solution based on the resolutions of international legitimacy and the Arab Peace Initiative.”

The Iraqi political analyst, head of the Al-Rafd Media Center, Abbas Al-Jubouri, said that the “Cairo Peace Summit,” with the participation of many countries, including Iraq, comes to address and discuss what is happening in Gaza, noting that all the meetings and conferences that are held will stop the bleeding of the war. In Gaza and supporting its people, and for the benefit of the Palestinian cause in general.

Al-Jubouri added: “There must be constants to address this matter, because every time there will be an attack on Gaza, and there will be genocide and killing of children and innocent people, and this is what happened in the Israeli bombing of the Baptist Hospital, which contained wounded and displaced people.”

He continued: “These constants must be signed, especially since the Zionist entity does not recognize these meetings, because it is supported by the largest country in the world, as it claims. The strange thing is that the president of the largest country that pays lip service to democracy and human rights comes to visit the operations room of the Zionist entity, in addition to visits by a minister.” His Foreign Ministry and the Minister of Defense sent the aircraft carrier to fight the movement. What happened was not a war in the sense of war, because the conflict is unequal.”

He continued: “The Arab leaders at the summit today must pay attention to these points,” asking: “For how long will the Palestinian people be slaughtered?” Since 1948 until now, the Israelis have been committing massacres without deterrence. Will the summit find appropriate solutions? At the very least, to provide relief to the people of the Gaza Strip, who are displaced today.”

He concluded by saying: “The world hopes that Cairo’s efforts, which played a major role in resolving many outstanding issues in the region, will succeed.”

From Turkey, political researcher Jawad Gok said that the “Cairo Peace Summit” is very important and historic, especially since there are dozens of countries that will participate in it, including Turkey, adding: “The summit comes at a very appropriate time, and I believe that Egypt will encourage the parties concerned to intervene politically.” And the logistics regarding Gaza.”

He continued: “Today’s summit is very important, headed by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, especially since Egypt is the closest country to Gaza and Palestine because of its strategic location,” stressing at the same time that Cairo’s rejection of displacement is a very important issue.

He believed that the summit would succeed in reaching positive results, calling on all countries to move quickly before the Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza Strip begins, and so that the occupation stops its brutal acts in the Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip.

The Turkish political researcher said that the summit brings together the concerned parties with a strong presence, and aims to provide political, financial and logistical support to the brothers in Palestine, stressing the importance of Egypt’s role in this file, which was expected to move so quickly at this appropriate time.

Al-Awadhi Al-Nimr, the Emirati writer and journalist, expressed his confidence in President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s ability to protect Egyptian national security and prevent the liquidation of the Palestinian cause, whatever the challenges.

Al-Nimr said: “President Sisi can confront, with his wise and strong vision, any call that adopts a policy of displacement or attempts to liquidate the Palestinian issue from its content at the expense of neighboring countries, which is not in the interest of the Palestinian people themselves.”

He added: “President Sisi seeks to raise the voice of reason and call on the international community to look at the Palestinian issue with humanity and peace, in order to take urgent action to stop the current escalation and protect civilians, by launching and resuming a real peace process, based on stopping the developments of the military escalation in the Gaza Strip. “Achieving a truce that will stop bloodshed and spare the Palestinian people further loss of life.”

He stressed that President Sisi’s invitation to attend the “Cairo Peace Summit” on the Palestinian issue confirms Egypt’s role in supporting the issue, and its constant endeavor to work in all directions to reach urgent solutions regarding it.

He added: “This summit is a good idea, because it puts the international community before its responsibilities, and perhaps the best evidence of that is the great response to the invitation of the attendees, which confirms that Egypt is an incubator of the Palestinian cause throughout history.”

He believed that the “Cairo Peace Summit” would be the starting point towards giving priority to the process of supporting the truce in the Gaza Strip, and would constitute an important opportunity for world leaders to gather and strengthen dialogue and cooperation, with the aim of laying the foundations for resolving the crisis of the Palestinian issue, and reaching a solution that preserves the right of the Palestinian people to establish their state, so that it can prevail. Peace and stability in the region and the world.

He pointed out that the international interaction with the summit reflects how the regional and Arab parties rely on Egypt and trust its ability to enhance peace and security in the region and restore calm to the Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that the “Cairo Peace Summit” complements Egypt’s intensive efforts and endless contacts with leaders and leaders of many countries, to stop this aggression against the Gaza Strip at all levels, out of its belief in the necessity of the Palestinian people to obtain all their rights, to begin negotiations and resolve the conflict. .

Tunisian political researcher, Mustafa Attia, said, “It is to the credit of Egypt’s people and leadership that it confronted the Zionist-Atlantic plan, led by America, Britain, Germany, and France, and implemented by Israel, which calls for the displacement of Palestinians to neighboring countries, and thus the liquidation of the Palestinian cause.”

Attiya added: “This plan is not recent. It is the basis for the establishment of the Israeli entity, and two parts of it were implemented, in the 1948 war and the so-called Nakba, and during the 1967 war and the so-called setback, and now they want to complete the colonial and settlement plan.”

He continued: “But Egypt confronted them, and I believe that President Sisi’s reference to the Negev as a temporary alternative for the Gazans before they return to their land is a clear message to the Israelis and their allies that Egypt understands the plan and is determined to prevent its implementation.”

Jordanian journalist Rami Al-Maadat said that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s position has been clear since the start of the war on the Gaza Strip, which is to stand on the side of justice for civilians in the Gaza Strip, despite the political differences with Hamas and other jihadist movements.

Al-Maadat added: “President Sisi’s position that emerged during the past few days, by linking the exit of foreigners from the Gaza Strip to the entry of pending aid, and responding to escalation with escalation, had a positive impact on the same Arab observer.”

He stressed the importance of political coordination in global and Arab forums between Jordan and Egypt, as it is one of the most important pillars in gaining the largest amount of support for the besieged and afflicted Gaza Strip, and making it the compass of world opinion, thus stopping the bloodshed and not allowing the Zionist plan to displace the people of the Strip to the Egyptian Sinai.

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