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China Daily: China’s power plants are exceeding peak capacity due to rising temperatures


The Chinese newspaper “China Daily” said that hydroelectric power stations in China are exceeding their peak capacity, with the sharp rise in demand for electricity due to high temperatures.

The report emphasized that with the surge in electricity demand due to rising temperatures, six hydropower stations on the Yangtze River have recently recorded new peaks in load regulation, with the highest levels exceeding 32 million kilowatts.

Load regulation refers to the power plant’s ability to maintain a constant voltage level with electricity flowing from the plant, despite fluctuations in power supply. Plants in Hubei, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces have helped alleviate electricity shortages in eastern and central China.

“Since the beginning of July, the output of power plants has increased dramatically, reaching 97 units in six consecutive power plants in peak operation, and the highest daily power generation exceeded 900 million kilowatt-hours,” said Li Peng, a senior official.

“The latest peak load regulation broke the previous record of 26.175 million kW reached in 2022 for two consecutive days,” he said.

He noted that on July 11, all eight hydropower units at Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station and all 16 units at Baihitan Hydropower Station were in full operation, regulating peak load of more than 28 million kW.

The next day, the hydroelectric power plants were operating at full capacity, regulating the peak load of more than 32 million kilowatts.

“They are doing their best to meet the electricity requirements for production and daily life, and we are dynamically improving the scheduling and joint operations of power plants and organizing their operations and management, ensuring maximum utilization of water resources under the premise of ensuring the safety of flood control,” Li said.

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