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Damietta Port handles 39 container ships and general cargo


The media center of the Damietta Port Authority announced that the port received 11 ships during the past 24 hours.

While 11 ships left, the total number of ships in the port reached 39 ships, including the ship flying the Egyptian flag and measuring 224 meters long and 32 meters wide, coming from Russia and carrying a load estimated at 60,911 tons of wheat for the Supply Commodities Authority.

This comes within the framework of the state’s efforts and an affirmation of the port facilities’ readiness to receive wheat tankers to ensure the availability of strategic goods and meet their wheat needs.

The Center confirmed – in a statement – that the export movement of general goods reached 31,742 tons, including: 4,631 tons of packed gypsum, 4,346 tons of sand, 114 tons of feed, 6,152 tons of packed cement, 3,200 tons of molasses, and 13,299 tons of miscellaneous goods. The import movement of goods also reached General: 59,380 tons, including: 6,700 tons of lentils, 2,871 tons of beans, 8,142 tons of scrap, 16,516 tons of corn, 6,130 tons of sugar, 405 tons of flax, 325 tons of chickpeas, 4,960 tons of soybeans, and 13,331 tons of wheat. While the export movement of containers reached 402 TEUs, the number of imported containers reached 445 TEUs, while the number of transit containers reached 5158 TEUs.

The balance of wheat in the port’s grain and grain silo for the public sector reached 652,291 tons.

While its balance in private sector warehouses amounted to 412,547 tons.

Two trains with a total load of 2,629 tons of wheat also left the port, heading to the Fayoum and Beni Suef silos, while 4,696 trucks entered and exited.

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