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Damietta port handles 40 container ships and general cargo within 24 hours


During the past 24 hours, the port of Damietta received 9 ships, while 8 ships left, bringing the total number of ships in the port to 40 ships.

The media center of the Port Authority stated – in a statement issued today, Friday – that the outgoing movement of general cargo amounted to 21,722 tons, including 1,750 tons of urea, 1,066 tons of cement, 4,550 tons of beet fodder, 306 tons of alcohol, and 14,050 tons of various goods. General goods amounted to 41,246 tons, including 6,900 tons of scrap, 1,408 tons of beech wood, 3,300 tons of soybean meal, 100 tons of distillates, 2,170 tons of soybeans, 5,394 tons of food oil, 1,473 tons of plywood, 5,217 tons of corn, 12,553 tons of wheat, and 2,731 tons of iron.

The statement added that the movement of outgoing containers amounted to 710 TEUs, the number of incoming containers reached 16 TEUs, while the number of transit containers reached 2120 TEUs.

The grain and grain silo for the public sector in the port reached 162,293 tons of wheat, while its balance in the private sector’s warehouses amounted to 123,201 tons.

Also, 3 trains with a total load of 3,843 tons of wheat left, heading to the silos of Kom Abu Radi, Tanta and Imbaba, and a train left after unloading 25 40-foot containers, coming from Alexandria, while trucks entering and leaving reached 5,146 trucks.

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