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Director of UNRWA in Lebanon: Residents of Ain El-Hilweh camp live below the poverty line


Today, Tuesday, the Director of UNRWA in Lebanon announced the opening of two schools for the displaced from the camp in the city of Sidon, according to Al-Arabiya News channel.

The Director of UNRWA in Lebanon added that the residents of Ain El-Hilweh camp live below the poverty line.

The Director of UNRWA in Lebanon stated: We are coordinating with the Lebanese authorities regarding aid for Ain El-Hilweh camp.

It is noteworthy that there are people who have been stuck in the camp for two days without food or water, and that no one is bringing aid to Ain al-Hilweh. Adnan Al-Rifai, a member of the Ain El-Hilweh People’s Committee, told the Tunisian News Agency, “Where are the humanitarian organizations?”

Human rights groups and local officials warned of the deterioration of the humanitarian conditions for civilians trapped in the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon, with the continuation of clashes between rival factions for a third day.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), the main service provider in the camp, has suspended all its services in the camp due to the ongoing clashes.

In its latest statement, UNRWA said that at least 11 were killed, 40 wounded, and at least 2,000 camp residents displaced by the violence.
UNRWA has opened nearby schools for the displaced, while others are sheltering in nearby mosques.

Violence erupted in the camp on Sunday, July 30, after an Islamist group assassinated prominent leader Abu Ashraf al-Aroushi of the Fatah movement that rules the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank.

Then, the clashes escalated between Fatah fighters and the Islamic factions, as machine-gun fire and rocket-propelled grenades were fired between residential buildings and shops in the camp.

Lebanese lawmakers and Palestinian officials brokered a cease-fire late on Monday, but that was soon violated by further clashes on Tuesday.

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