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Division between Republican candidates for the US presidential elections over the escalation in Gaza


The most prominent Republican candidates for the US presidential elections scheduled for 2024 were divided between supporters and rejecters of the Israeli occupation and the bombing operations currently occurring in the Gaza Strip.

The positions of the Republican candidates on the conflict

For her part, former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, and former Governor of South Carolina, described the ongoing war in Gaza to the Associated Press as “between good and evil.”

“We have a real war between good and evil, and we must have a leader with the moral clarity to know the difference,” Haley said in Iowa, expressing concern about the humanitarian crisis.

She said in a recent television interview that the United States can determine – appropriately – which category of Palestinians now wants to leave Palestine,” to which she was bombarded with reports stating that she supports Washington’s reception of refugees from Palestine.

Tim Scott talks about the importance of Israel by referring to the Bible

According to Fox News, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott often talks about the importance of Israel by referring to the Bible, which highlights Israel as God’s chosen people. “Pray for peace in Jerusalem,” he said. Quoting from the Book of Psalms, Scott said about the enemies of Israel: “Let them feel the wrath of God.”

Trump criticizes Netanyahu and describes Hezbollah as intelligent

The former US president and the most likely Republican candidate for the 2024 US presidential elections criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, considering that he was not prepared for the attacks directed by Hamas against Israel, while describing Hezbollah as “very smart.”

Ron DeSantis: The Palestinians are anti-Semitic and must provide them with water

This comes as Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis said that the United States should not receive any Palestinian refugees if they flee the Gaza Strip.

He accused the Palestinians of being “all anti-Semites,” rejected international appeals for Israel to provide clean running water and public utilities to the territory’s 2.3 million civilians, and even said that not providing water or other services would persuade Hamas to release hostages it had taken during its incursion.

“There are Israelis being held hostage, as well as Americans being held hostage, but I don’t think they are obligated to provide water and these facilities while they are being held,” DeSantis told CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

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