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Dozens were injured during an Israeli bombing targeting an ancient church in Gaza


The Ministry of the Interior in Gaza announced, a short while ago, that dozens of displaced people, including Christians, who were taking shelter in the building of the ancient Pophilius Church on Omar Al-Mukhtar Street in Gaza, were injured as a result of Israeli raids that targeted one of the buildings.

According to television reports, hundreds of displaced people who were sheltering from Israeli bombing were sheltering in the church. Until now, the number of martyrs has not been counted, and the church was completely destroyed.

The Palestinian Sama Agency confirmed that the church contained dozens of children, who were taking shelter in it after the collapse of a building containing a nursery in which they were staying next to the church.

7 Palestinians killed in a refugee camp

A short while ago, seven Palestinians and an Israeli soldier were killed today, Thursday, in clashes in a refugee camp in the northern West Bank.

The official Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) reported that at least seven young men were martyred and others were injured in an Israeli army raid on the Nour Shams refugee camp in Tulkarm.

According to the sources, Israeli forces launched a drone towards a group of young men inside the camp, killing at least 6 of them and wounding dozens of people with various injuries.

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