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Due to historical backgrounds… expected divisions over Gaza at the European Union summit


Leaders of European Union member states meet today in the Belgian capital, Brussels, to discuss the war in Gaza, which represents a worsening crisis in the Middle East, and its effects on the European Union.

The 27 members gather around the meeting table, with an agreed upon principle and another around which they are divided according to various reasons.

Member states generally agree on the need to allow aid into Gaza

France 24 explained that all member states agree – in general – on the need to allow aid to enter Gaza as soon as possible, adding that there is a reluctance on the part of some to support a cessation of fighting for fear that it would limit Israel’s ability to “defend itself.” “.

Among the European Union countries, there are countries such as Ireland and Luxembourg, which have historically supported Palestinian rights.

On the other hand, there are countries such as Austria and Germany, which consider anything related to Israel to be diplomatically difficult for them due to World War II and the Holocaust, and there are France and Poland, which have historically been hardline and tend to view foreign affairs from a security perspective.

European countries have their own concerns about the repercussions of this crisis

In continuation of European concerns, apart from the immediate issue of the ongoing war, European countries have their own concerns about the repercussions of this crisis.

Meanwhile, a high-ranking diplomat in the European Union told the American network, without revealing his identity: “There may be a displacement similar to what happened in Syria and Iraq,” adding, “This led to major divisions in European society, stressing that we want the war to end before That this extends to our borders.”

Ahead of the summit, European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell indicated that the bloc would press for a halt to the fighting to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza.

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