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Due to the escalation in Gaza.. American report: Ukraine and Russia are losing momentum in the war


Daniel L. Davis, a senior fellow in the Defense Priorities Division and a former lieutenant colonel in the US Army, said in an article for Responsible Statecraft, a US-based think tank, that with the eyes of the whole world on the Palestine-Israel war, Ukraine and Russia lost the momentum of the war.

Ukraine and Russia are losing momentum in the war

According to Davis, the world is turning toward Gaza and Israel and no amount of aid will give Kiev the military victory it seeks.

Davis said that the Biden administration is preparing to submit a request to Congress requesting another $100 billion for the ongoing war in Ukraine, the new war in Israel, and a possible future war in the Indo-Pacific region, while the US House of Representatives is in a state of turmoil and has been without a president for more than Two weeks ago, a situation that arose in part because some in the Republican conference were so opposed to putting additional money into Ukraine’s budget and pulled it out of power.

The Gaza war distracts attention from Ukraine

Davis emphasized that with so much attention focused on the political chaos in Washington and the explosive situation in Israel, some may be distracted from doing the due diligence needed to determine whether it makes sense to provide more money to Ukraine and that would be a mistake. It does not take much analysis to realize that it would be foolish to send more money and weapons without a strategy for ending the war, starting with a diplomatic strategy to match the massive amount of guns, missiles and tanks that Washington is sending there.

In October and November last year, the Ukrainian armed forces were brimming with confidence after inflicting two major tactical defeats on Russia: one in the city of Kherson and the other in Kharkiv province. The air force reclaimed a staggering 6,000 square kilometers of territory in less than two months.

By December 2022, the US Congress had approved $113 billion in total economic and military aid to Ukraine. In early January, encouraged by Kiev’s battlefield success, regular arms deliveries for 2023 began, including the $3 billion announcement for Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled howitzers, MRAP vehicles and other armed personnel carriers, GMLRS missiles, And surface-to-air missiles.

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