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Egyptian stock market indices record collective increases and market capitalization jumps 9%


The market capitalization of the Egyptian Stock Exchange gained about 121 billion pounds during last week’s trading, continuing its rise by 9% compared to the previous week. Reaching levels of 1.47 trillion pounds, compared to levels of 1.35 trillion pounds the previous week.

Collective rise in stock market indices:

The rise in the market capitalization of the Stock Exchange came at a time when market indices recorded collective increases, as:

  • The main index “EGX30” rose by 8.07%, reaching levels of 21,616.60 points.
  • The main index “Egx70” rose by 5.7%, reaching levels of 3706.60 points.
  • The main index “EGX100” rose by 7.10% to reach levels of 5945.97 points.

235 billion pounds traded on the stock market:

The total trading value during the current week amounted to about 235.7 billion, while the trading volume amounted to about 4,168 million papers executed in 577 thousand transactions.

This is compared to a total trading value of 188.8 billion pounds and a trading volume of 2,919 million papers executed in 366 thousand transactions during the past week.

The shares accounted for 8.82% of the total trading value within the booth. While the trading value of bonds/bills represented about 91.18% during the past week

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