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“Eskan” officials inspect the ongoing development work in the various areas of Obour City


Engineer Ahmed Omran, Assistant Vice President of the New Urban Communities Authority for the Development and Cities Sector, visited Obour City to inspect the development work and raise the efficiency in the various areas of the city, accompanied by Eng. Ahmed Rashad, Head of the Obour City Development Authority, and officials of the agency and projects.

Engineer Ahmed Omran started the tour by inspecting the ongoing development works in the city’s neighborhoods, including the development and upgrading of roads (in the Ninth District), where he continued the implementation of the asphalt layer works on Taha Hussein Street, the industrial works and the installation of the balcony on the flat in front of Block (18001) and Block (18006), and Ahmed Street Zaki Abu Shadi.

The Assistant Vice President of the Authority completed the tour by passing through the asphalt layer works and raising the efficiency in the vicinity of Al-Ammar Center at Entrance (1) in the Sixth District. Street 112, and the triangle next to the turquoise tray, and the work of operating the remaining chopping layer, preparation and cutting of welds, the expansion of the (800) road, and preparation for spraying.

Engineer Ahmed Omran stressed the need to pay attention to road development and maintenance work in all neighborhoods of the city to facilitate the movement of citizens, since the road sector and site coordination are one of the main axes of sustainable development.

In a related context, Engineer Ahmed Rashad stated that intensive cleaning campaigns have been launched in the city’s neighborhoods, within the framework of the agency’s plan for cleanliness and beautification, and raising the efficiency of the main and secondary streets to create a clean environment for citizens and emphasize the civilized facade of the city, pointing out that the implementation of cleaning campaigns uses cars And equipment for automatic sweeping, dust extraction, garbage and waste removal, and street washing cars.

The head of the Obour City Authority instructed the development and cleaning departments, in coordination with the heads of neighborhoods, to launch intensive cleaning campaigns at the level of all neighborhoods to raise the level of cleanliness in the main and vital streets, remove all types of accumulations, dust and waste, and wash streets and sidewalks.

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