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Field trips to educate the people of Suez, Aswan, Ismailia, Luxor, and Port Said about the benefits of comprehensive health insurance.


(Comprehensive health insurance is safety and protection for all members of your family. It provides comprehensive and integrated health care with nominal subscriptions. Your contribution to the cost of the most serious major surgeries does not exceed 300 pounds. It covers 3,000 medical services. You have the right to choose the place of treatment in the public or private sector or elsewhere. In health institutions accredited in accordance with the best international standards… We do not care if you are satisfied.) With these simple words, the leaders of the General Authority for Comprehensive Health Insurance, whose Board of Directors is headed by Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, spoke with citizens on field tours in the governorates of Suez, Ismailia, Luxor, Port Said, and Aswan to make them aware of the insurance benefits enjoyed. Beneficiaries of the comprehensive health insurance system.

The leaders of the General Authority for Comprehensive Health Insurance explained in open dialogues with citizens in these governorates of all segments, especially irregular workers and those who are unable, that the new system is an essential pillar for reforming and developing the health system in Egypt, as it is characterized by covering all family members through a strategic partnership with the private medical sector. Which provides high-quality services without charging subscribers any additional amounts of money; In a way that contributes to alleviating the financial and moral burdens resulting from illness, and reducing poverty rates, by working to reduce the rates of personal spending “out of citizens’ pockets” on health services.

The leaders of the General Authority for Comprehensive Health Insurance indicated that the most important feature of the comprehensive health insurance system in Egypt is also the increasing keenness to provide the financial sustainability necessary for the gradual expansion of the governorates and the ability to provide health care services to citizens without discrimination in a sustainable manner, with the state’s general treasury bearing unpaid subscriptions. Those who are able.

Citizens interacted with this national project, saying: “Thank you, President. Providing health care for all our families was a dream and began to come true in the new republic.”

Mai Farid, Acting Executive Director of Comprehensive Health Insurance, said: We aim to enhance effective public communication in the governorates. In a way that contributes to the continuous education of all beneficiaries to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction with the services provided to them, pointing out that there is a great priority to motivate the private medical sector to provide comprehensive health care services. In line with efforts to expand the medical umbrella of comprehensive health insurance.

She continued: “Our role is to manage and finance the system and purchase services from the places the citizen chooses.”

She added that we participated in holding a number of events to involve the private sector of medical service providers and the Union of Insurance Companies to enhance their role in the system, in addition to starting a series of digital awareness activities for doctors to link them to the comprehensive health insurance system with the participation of representatives of the private medical sector, the Doctors Syndicate and other success partners, stressing that However, private medical sector service providers’ possession of digital transformation tools is an important pillar for effective participation in this evolving system.

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