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Financial Times: Israel has not developed a plan for the post-ground invasion of Gaza


The British Financial Times newspaper said that Israel does not have a specific and clear plan for the post-war period, which suggests the possibility of postponing the ground invasion by the Israeli occupation forces into the besieged Gaza Strip.

Fears of a ground invasion of Gaza

The Financial Times explained that talk is increasing that Israel does not have an agreed-upon “plan” for post-war Gaza, as Israel has not yet agreed to a detailed plan for post-war Gaza, which raises fears within the Israeli government and in Washington that a ground invasion against Gaza could… He begins without adequate preparation for what follows.

Several people familiar with the deliberations described that Israel had embarked on a sprawling and ongoing effort, with the participation of multiple Israeli military agencies and outside analysts, to develop a strategy for Gaza after the expected Israeli ground offensive.

But nearly two weeks after the Hamas operation, there are still many unanswered questions about Israel’s exit strategy and post-war goals. The United States has raised its concerns directly with Israel, according to sources close to the process.

The lack of a ground invasion plan frustrated Washington

The Financial Times revealed that the lack of an exit plan is one of the factors that led to the delay of the ground operation in Gaza, which the government of Benjamin Netanyahu had long threatened.

One of the people familiar with the Israeli government’s plans said that there is no plan for the next day, and “the Israeli government has not made its decision yet,” noting that the Americans went crazy when they realized that there was no plan.

The newspaper noted that some senior government ministers have drawn up plans to create expanded buffer zones inside Gaza and “complete disengagement” from the Strip, which would sever its ties with Israel and the West Bank. But no consensus has yet been reached within the War Cabinet.

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