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For the 20th day of the aggression… martyrs and destruction of buildings as a result of aircraft and artillery bombardment of Gaza.


Dozens of citizens were martyred, others were injured, and dozens of homes, buildings, residential apartments, and public and private property were destroyed in various areas of the Gaza Strip, by the Israeli war machine’s continuous missiles and missiles for the twentieth day in a row, and the bombing continues until now.

A citizen was killed and others injured in an Israeli warplane bombing a house in Beit Lahia

The official Palestinian agency revealed that a citizen was martyred and others were injured in a bombing by an Israeli warplane on a house for the Al-Ran family in the town of Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli warplanes targeted two homes for the Abu Hasira and Abdul Latif families, over the heads of their residents, on Al-Nafaq Street in the center of Gaza City, which led to the death of a number of citizens and the injury of dozens, as a number of them were transferred to Al-Shifa Hospital, west of the city, and others are still under the rubble.

The targeting led to a major fire in a juice factory, a tire warehouse, and a number of stores and shops near the site.

13 citizens, including children and women, were martyred, and more than 20 others were injured in the bombing by occupation warplanes of a house for the Al-Astal family in the western line of the city of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli warplanes also targeted a residential apartment in Al-Razan Tower near Kamal Adwan Hospital in the town of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip, causing casualties and injuries at the site.

The warplanes launched violent raids, targeting homes, buildings, and apartments in the Al-Nasr neighborhood, northwest of Gaza City.

Israeli occupation artillery targets the Al-Zaytoun and Al-Shuja’iya neighborhoods

The Israeli occupation artillery fired about ten shells at the Al-Zaytoun and Al-Shuja’iya neighborhoods, east of Gaza City.

The little girl, Wateen Al-Hashash, was martyred as a result of the Israeli warplane bombing, which targeted a house for the Abu Ghali family in the Shaboura camp in the center of the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

This morning, a number of victims and injuries were recovered following a bombing by Israeli warplanes that targeted homes in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, last night.

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