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Fouad Siniora: We fear the escalation of confrontations with the occupation in southern Lebanon


Fouad Siniora, former Prime Minister of Lebanon, said today, Thursday, that the occupation forces continue to evacuate settlements located around the Gaza Strip near the Lebanese border, in the event that the clashes expand.

Siniora added that Lebanon fears the escalation of military confrontations with the Israeli occupation army on the southern border, explaining that the Lebanese are in solidarity with the Palestinian people, by playing a role limited to political, diplomatic and media support.

He explained that active countries and regional and international organizations must make great efforts. To win international public opinion in order to stop the Israeli aggression in the region.

Since the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, tensions have risen on the Israeli-Lebanese border, and the Israeli occupation army and Lebanese Hezbollah have exchanged intermittent artillery shelling.

On Thursday morning, the Israeli occupation army announced the interception of a missile from Lebanon fired at an Israeli drone.

He said in a statement that Israeli air defense systems intercepted a (ground-to-air) missile launched from Lebanon towards an Israeli military drone.

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