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Germany raises humanitarian aid to Gaza to 50 million euros


German Foreign Minister Anela Baerbock expressed her concern about the difficult political situation in the Middle East, stressing the importance of finding a solution to the tragic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

She stressed, during a press conference with her Jordanian counterpart, Ayman Safadi, a short while ago, Germany’s commitment to supporting efforts aimed at enhancing stability in the region and achieving a just and comprehensive settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, explaining the importance of finding a solution to the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza.

She pointed out that the Gaza Strip has been suffering from a difficult humanitarian situation for many years, and the conditions facing the sector are represented by the lack of basic resources such as water, electricity and food, high unemployment rates, deterioration of infrastructure and health services, in addition to restrictions imposed on freedom of movement and trade.

She stated that the German government decided to raise humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Strip to 50 million euros. This is to support international organizations such as UNRWA and the World Food Programme.

The German Foreign Minister stressed the importance of working to find a comprehensive political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that guarantees stability and peace in the region, noting that her country supports international efforts to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza, by providing humanitarian, development and financial aid, and supporting projects that strengthen infrastructure and provide opportunities. Work and education.

She stated that joint international efforts and comprehensive political solutions are what can contribute to improving the humanitarian situation in Gaza and achieving stability and peace in the region in general.

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