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Good news from the Minister of Agriculture for farmers regarding the indicative price for the wheat crop


Mr. Al-Quseir, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, revealed the indicative price for Erdeb wheat in its agricultural season this year.

The price of ardeb wheat

Al-Quseir said in press statements that the ministry announced last year that the price of wheat was 1,500 pounds per ardeb, while the price this year was 1,600 pounds per ardeb.

He pointed out that this price is not final, but rather a guarantee price according to the concept of contract farming, and it is expected that this price will rise if global prices rise.

He explained that Egypt consumes about 18 to 20 million tons of wheat, and local production amounts to 10 million tons, and with the additional areas, it leads to increased productivity and then reduces the gap.

Contract farming

He noted that the Ministry began expanding over the past two years the concept of contract farming, which is announcing the price before the planting date, so that the farmer can study the economics of agriculture and compare it with other crops.

He continued, “The Ministry has a national program to produce seeds, varieties and hybrids of vegetable seeds and double their production, as they were completely imported.”

He continued, “There is an attempt to build a strong program to produce seeds that are compatible with the Egyptian environment. More than 25 to 26 varieties have been produced, and the results of this production have begun to appear well.”

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