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Hananda: All the big brands are in Jordan


Ammon – The Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Ahmed Al-Hananda, said at the beginning of his intervention in the dialogue with the youth at Yarmouk University, “I will try not to talk a lot, although I am known to talk a lot. I speak in five minutes…so I am required to speak in a minute.”

Al-Hananda added, in the session titled “The Administrative Modernization and Public Service Session We Want”, that “the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship deals with the future of the economy, jobs, the work of the digital future, and the citizens of the digital future, and we must prepare the enabling, regulating and supportive environment for digital transformation, whether at work government or in the dependence of other sectors for which our ministry is responsible.

And he stated, “Our strategy is clear, ending in 2025, and I hope that we will finish the strategy that began in 2021, which includes government infrastructure, digital services, legislation related to digital transformation, digital payments, and the digital inclusion plan that we are working on, in addition to enabling other institutions to perform what they are doing.” And the development of its services provided to citizens by automating the internal processes of institutions, to ensure that the service is provided with the least human intervention.

He pointed out that “the ministry is responsible for the entrepreneurial system and plan that began in the past, and Jordan was one of the first countries to start in the field of creating an entrepreneurial environment, as it was the first country to establish a fund specialized in investing in technology, leadership and creativity, and the first country to operate as a business incubator, and the first A country that operates search engines in the Arabic language.

He emphasized that all major brands have a presence in the country, either directly or indirectly.

The meeting includes speakers from the government and representatives from official and civil institutions and the private sector, while the attendees include students from the official and private universities of the Northern Region, and representatives from active youth initiatives.

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