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Handling 21 ships for containers and general cargo at Damietta Port


Damietta Port witnessed the handling of 21 ships during the past 24 hours, and the number of trucks reached 4,704 trucks.

The Port Authority stated – in a statement today, Thursday, that the port also received the ship (KESTREL S), flying the Liberian flag, coming from Russia and carrying a load estimated at 31,700 tons of wheat for the benefit of the private sector.

She added that two trains left the port with a total load of 2,532 tons of wheat, heading to the silos of Tanta and Fayoum, and another train left after emptying 25 containers, heading to Alexandria. The balance of the grain and grain silo for the public sector in the port of wheat reached 68,269 tons, while its balance in the sector’s warehouses reached 68,269 tons of wheat. Private goods amounted to 404 thousand and 876 tons, the export movement of general goods amounted to 28 thousand and 777 tons, while the import movement of general goods amounted to 41 thousand and 634 tons.

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