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Hezbollah: If all the world’s fleets gathered, we would not leave Gaza alone


A member of the Central Council of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Nabil Qaouk, said that the resistance operations in southern Lebanon have proven that Gaza is not alone.

Today, Thursday, the National News Agency quoted “Qaouk” as saying, during a ceremony held in honor of the party, that the honorable resistance fighters in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon have not and will not abandon their support for Gaza, and will win for it with their weapons and blood, and this is what thwarted the enemy’s plans to monopolize Gaza.

He saw that the brave men of Hezbollah are the lions of the field and the makers of victories, and here they are seeing that despite all the military buildup at sea, we have not abandoned our duty to support Gaza, and we will not change anything, and this is our position before and after the aircraft carriers.

He stressed: If all the world’s fleets were gathered, we would not abandon supporting Gaza, nor would we abandon protecting our people and people in Lebanon.

The Israeli occupation army

For the 20th day, the Israeli occupation army continues to target Gaza with intense air strikes, while Palestinian factions continue to fire missiles from the Strip at Israeli towns and cities.

Israel destroyed entire neighborhoods in Gaza, and the aggression led to the death of 6,546 Palestinians, including 2,704 children, 1,584 women, and 295 elderly people, and injured 17,439 people, in addition to more than 1,600 missing under the rubble, according to the Gaza Strip authorities.

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