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Housing: completing the development of roads and entrances to Badr City within a comprehensive plan


Engineer Ammar Mandour, head of the Badr City Development Agency, visited the work of completing the development of the ring road in the industrial area, which starts from the reservoir to Al-Roubiki Road, passing through 222 residential buildings in the city center, then the buildings of Al-Andalus neighborhood (the seventh district), accompanied by officials of the agency, within the framework of A comprehensive plan for the Badr City Development Authority to develop and expand roads in the city.

Engineer Ammar Mandour explained that the final surface asphalt layer is currently being implemented from the reservoir area to the city center buildings, after making the required expansion from a width of 8 meters to 11 and a half meters, and the rest of the works are being completed on the road to carry out the required works.

In the same context, Engineer Ammar Mandour passed the entrance to the city from the Ismailia road, explaining that after completing the beautification, afforestation and planting of the entrance and exit of the city on the Suez Road, the beautification and afforestation of the entrance to the city from the Ismailia road is currently underway, as the middle island of the road has already been afforested with trees. And flowering plants, and sidewalks will be implemented on both sides of the road with a length of 4 km interspersed with trees.

It is worth noting that the officials of the Badr City Development Agency, during the periodic traffic during official holidays on the city’s neighborhoods to address and prevent the work of building violations in their infancy, monitored and dismantled the wooden beams to try to pour responses in plot No.

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