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Housing: Next Wednesday, the door for transferring reservations within the “Housing for All Egyptians” initiative will be closed.


Dr. Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, announced the closing of the reservation transfer for projects that have units available for low-income citizens reserved within the presidential initiative “Housing for All Egyptians,” the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

Mrs. Mai Abdel Hamid, CEO of the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund, explained that the announcement witnessed an increase in citizens’ interest in applying recently, as the number of applications from citizens applying for transfer reached 3,036 applications, and those transferring to the city of October Gardens (90-meter model) came in the lead. With 2,002 transfer requests, then those transferred to New October City – West of the Airport (90 meter model) with 633 requests, then those transferred to Sadat City from Quesna Center with 157 transfer requests, then followed by those transferred to Beni Suleiman Center (behind Al-Shouna) with 129 transfer requests. Then those who transferred to the city of Al-Alama, with 62 transfer requests, then those who transferred to Sadat City from the city of Ashmoun, with 53 transfer requests.

Mrs. Mai Abdel Hamid added that this announcement provides housing units ready for immediate delivery to citizens who will be accepted within the transfer announcement.

Mrs. Mai Abdel Hamid recalled that there are several conditions for the transfer, including not recovering the serious reservation deposit from the original advertisement, not allocating a residential unit to the client before in the same original project applied for, applying the conditions of the original advertisement to the client’s request at the time of submission, and not previously transferring from The original project applied for, in addition to the fact that the customer does not have the right to withdraw the transfer request after submitting it if units are available on the original project.

She explained that if the number of applicants exceeds the number of available units, priority will be given according to the following order: First: the married person with dependents, which includes (the widower/widow, and his/her dependents, the divorced/divorced woman, and his/her dependents), and priority is given to the youngest, and in the case of equal age, priority is given to the family with the largest number. Second: Married people, priority given to the youngest. Third: Single people, priority given to the youngest.

The CEO of the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund confirmed that the transfer steps are simple, as the citizen must enter the website, then click on the “Citizen Service Center,” then press the “Requests” button. Then click “Request to amend the desire to reserve a residential unit,” then choose Transfer to a city/center in the same governorate or Transfer to a city/center in a neighboring governorate during the announcement period. The citizen must also download the transfer request from the website, edit it, and sign it before re-downloading it again. Others on the website, and if the application is accepted after studying it, the citizen submitting the application must go to one of the automated post offices within a period of 15 days from the date of the result of accepting the application on the website to pay the transfer seriousness fee (35 pounds).

Mrs. Mai Abdel Hamid also stressed the validity of all provisions of the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Law, No. 93 of 2018, as well as all procedures, conditions and controls announced in the reservation terms and conditions booklet in the advertisement, and that they are considered an integral part of the conditions for obtaining a housing unit in the project.

She indicated that citizens can learn about the most important information and developments by following the Fund’s digital platforms on social networking sites, represented by the Fund’s official page on Facebook through the following link “,” and the page The official page on YouTube through the following link:, the official page of the Fund via Twitter via the link, and the official page of the Fund via Instagram via the link /shmffeg, and the Fund’s official page on the Threads website via the link, as well as the Fund’s website, or communicate with the complaints and suggestions platform through the link https://, or by communicating through customer service centers, such as calling the phone numbers of the Fund’s customer service call center, which includes several numbers: 5999, 5777, or 1188 from any mobile phone, and 090071117 from any mobile phone. Landline, or by going to any of the customer service centers in city agencies/housing directorates.

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