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I revive it defeat the heat of Jizan incentives


The first voluntary sports tournament in the Kingdom overcame the summer heat and dust of Jizan, as it was able to attract audiences from various governorates of Jizan to attend the championship matches, by providing them with incentives and initiatives, at a time when the total audience for the tournament has so far reached 15,000 fans, who adorned the stands of Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Educational Stadium.


The contract for the teams qualified for the 8th round of the Ahyaha tournament has been completed, as the quarter-final round witnesses exciting confrontations represented in the confrontations of Al-Saqrokh and Al-Arabi, Al-Khaleej and Amjad Al-Khashabiya, Al-Adaya and Barcelona, ​​Al-Rasheed and Al-Kawakeb, and 10 committees completed all arrangements for holding matches, amid distinguished organizations in the tournament.


The general supervisor of a tournament revived by Hafez Al-Qahtani confirmed that the tournament is proceeding according to the implemented plans, noting that 4 prizes are distributed daily, including two prizes for the best player in the matches, and two prizes for the audience present, in addition to distributing free water bottles, which have so far reached the distribution of 10,000 bottles, cleaning the stands daily, and distributing awareness leaflets, praising the role of the committees working in the tournament, the level of participating teams, and the great sportsmanship that characterizes the tournament.

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