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Including a Briton.. 5 people were killed during a transport strike in South Africa


South African police said, Thursday, that 5 people, including a Briton and a policeman, were killed during a strike by public transport minibuses, during which the Cape city witnessed violence.

And according to a previous toll, on Monday, that three people were killed in the framework of the strike, which is still ongoing.

And the media and agencies reported that a British doctor, forty, was killed in his car on August 3, when a roadblock erected by strikers forced him to take a road leading to a shantytown in an area participating in the strike.

Warrant Officer Joseph Swartboy told AFP: “No one has been arrested in the case of the Briton’s murder, but investigations are ongoing.”

According to the first elements, the man named Kar Teoh was killed in front of his wife and two-year-old son, and this Briton was a consultant orthopedic surgeon in the United Kingdom.

The authorities also reported that a police officer was killed on Friday during patrols.

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