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Industrial Development announces the launch of the fifth phase of the electronic map for industrial investment


The Public Authority for Industrial Development announced the launch of the fifth phase of the electronic map for industrial investment, which includes offering new investment opportunities on plots of land with full facilities in the priority industrial sectors that the authority targets to encourage domestic and foreign industrial investment, in light of the strategy of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and to meet the increasing demands on industrial lands.

Abdul Karim indicated that this offering is the second offering in less than 8 months, and the Authority aims through these successive offerings to provide new and diversified investment opportunities, localize the industry and deepen the local product to achieve integration between local supply chains, and integration into global supply chains, including It contributes to bridging local market gaps and supporting Egyptian exports. He added that in order to facilitate the investors and reduce the financial burdens on them, the land prices were presented at the actual cost of the utilities, and it was also decided that the annual usufruct consideration be at 5% of the meter price of ownership, in accordance with the Prime Minister’s Resolution No. 3308/2022 published in the Official Gazette in light of The directives of the political leadership that spare no effort in providing all means of support for the Egyptian industry.

It is worth noting that 230 plots were offered in Sadat City in Menoufia, 63 plots in the Tenth of Ramadan City in Sharkia, 36 plots in the new 6th of October City in Giza, 162 plots in the cities of Qeft and Nagaa Hammadi in Qena Governorate, 21 plots in Kom Oshim in Fayoum, and 34 plots in Al-Matahra, east of the Nile. In Minya, 29 plots in the cities of Al-Ahaywa, Kawthar, and West Tahta in Sohag Governorate, 29 plots in the city of Dashlout in Assiut, 22 plots in the city of Al-Baghdadi in Luxor Governorate, 13 plots in Dakhla in the New Valley Governorate, 12 plots in Gamasa in Dakahlia Governorate, 29 plots in the south of Raswa in Port Said Governorate, and 88 plots. in the city of Bir al-Abd in the North Sinai Governorate, and 22 plots in al-Mahalla al-Kubra in the Gharbia Governorate.

In addition, the reservation, withdrawal of tender documents and submission of documents will take place completely and electronically via the website (, then select (industrial investment map). Investors will also be able to withdraw brochures online starting from Wednesday, August 16, until September 6, 2023. Provided that the requests of investors who have withdrawn the tender documents have been received since the start of the offering until September 27, 2023.

Moreover, 152 industrial activities have been made available on the investment map, after conducting an analytical study of imports for these activities to clarify some of the promising investment opportunities in the Egyptian industrial sector that contribute to bridging an import gap worth billions of dollars and deepening local manufacturing in it.

Abdel-Karim also emphasized the continuation of providing facilities and incentives to land applicants in other ways in addition to the above, most notably the approval of reduced standard costs by 50%, the final exemption of bid submission fees, as well as the cancellation of the financial guarantee, the complete simplification of the required feasibility study and the sufficiency of a simplified model. For the features of the project, and reducing the seriousness of reservation to 10% of the declared value of the land, and describing the map as an interactive platform and an integrated information portal to provide a neutral automated service according to fixed and fast automated standards that enjoy full transparency and provide the investor with detailed data about the investment components of each region and the facilitation networks, and the regulating legislation, and incentives available.

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