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Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa, protected by the occupation police


Today, Wednesday, Israeli settlers stormed the courtyards of the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem, under the protection of the occupation forces, who prevented many Muslims coming to Al-Aqsa from entering.

Eyewitnesses said that the occupation forces kept the doors of Al-Aqsa open to suggest that the situation was proceeding normally in the mosque, despite preventing Muslim worshipers from entering it, knowing that for some time now they had allowed the entry of only the elderly and the elderly.

Palestinian sources in the occupied city reported that settlers stormed the mosque’s courtyards from the “Maghariba” gate, carried out provocative tours, and performed “Talmudic” rituals in its courtyards.

In the same context, the occupation police tightened their military measures in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa Mosque, stopping students at the doors of the mosque and searching them, and obstructing their access to schools inside the mosque.

The occupation police also set up a checkpoint near the Lions’ Gate in Jerusalem, searched vehicles and caused a stifling crisis.

Palestinian Health announces the collapse of the health system in Gaza

In another context, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that there is a complete collapse in the health system in the Gaza Strip, explaining that there is no ability to provide any service in the Strip’s hospitals.

The spokesman added that health in Gaza needs an immediate influx of medical aid and fuel to restore work in life-saving departments.

He pointed out: “Today we cannot provide any service in the Gaza Strip’s hospitals, and the coming hours will be more dangerous for the future of health services.”

He continued to say: “We are hours away from stopping all medical services in the Gaza Strip’s hospitals,” demanding that fuel be brought into the Gaza Strip immediately.

The Israeli occupation army announced, at dawn on Wednesday, that it had targeted infrastructure and weapons belonging to the Syrian Arab Army.

The occupation army said, in a press statement on the “X” platform: “Its fighter planes struck several Syrian military targets, after launching missiles from Syria towards Israeli towns in the Golan Heights.

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