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Jordan: The Israelis will not get security unless the Palestinians get it


Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Al-Safadi said that the toll of victims of the Israeli aggression in Gaza is catastrophic, adding that stopping this war is a priority not only to protect the innocent, but so that the future is not full of death and these tragedies.

He added during a press conference with his German counterpart, Annalena Baerbock, a short while ago, that the immediate introduction of aid into Gaza is the second priority of the Kingdom of Jordan, stressing that nothing justifies preventing treatment for the wounded and sick, or depriving them of food, water, and electricity. All of these are war crimes. .

He pointed out that there is another priority to protect civilians on both sides, and they must be provided with protection in line with common humanitarian values ​​and international law, especially since there is no difference between one victim and another, according to nationality or according to identity and religion, stressing that things do not seem to be heading towards calm. Despite the efforts made, this pushes for more effort and work in the region with partners in Europe, the international community, and the United States.

He stressed that the catastrophe resulting from this war will have serious, painful and long-lasting consequences for a period to come. Violence does not justify violence and killing does not justify killing. Every day more innocent people fall and the difficulty of achieving security, peace and stability for all increases, noting that Jordan’s position is firm based on the fact that it is a partner in achieving peace and stability for all. To comprehensive and just peace based on the two-state solution.

He explained that the past days showed the fact that it is not possible to skip over the Palestinian issue, the Palestinian issue cannot be marginalized, and that there is no security, stability, or peace for anyone in the region, without everyone enjoying it, adding: The Israelis will not get security unless the Palestinians get it, We want security for the Palestinians, and we want it for the Israelis and all the peoples of the region.

He noted that the path to security and peace does not come from a destructive war machine that kills thousands, displaces millions, and deprives children of their right to life, but peace that leads to the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

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