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Live now.. Today’s gasoline price in the United Arab Emirates


Many changes affect the price of gasoline and oil in the Emirates today, directly and indirectly, on all citizens, such as car owners, and those who use public transportation, as the fare sometimes rises with the increase in the price of gasoline in the Emirates, so there are other areas that are affected by the prices of gasoline and oil, As many sectors are affected by the rise or fall in the prices of gasoline and oil in the UAE.

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Petrol price 2023 in the United Arab Emirates:

Al-Fajr portal publishes details of everything you need to know about the price of gasoline in the United Arab Emirates and product prices, as part of the site’s continuous service to its followers and visitors around the clock, moment by moment.

The price of gasoline in the UAE.. its price indicators in the month of August:

The websites of fuel distribution companies revealed that the prices of gasoline in the UAE with its derivatives, Super 98 and Special 95, have witnessed an increase in their indicators for the month of August compared to their prices in July, according to the prices approved by the Fuel Price Follow-up Committee of its various types, including the value-added tax of 5%. .

Gasoline price 2023 in the Emirates..the most famous companies:

Enoc Company:

The Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) Group is a leading integrated oil and gas company. ENOC was established in 1993 and is wholly owned by the Government of Dubai. The company has made a lot of significant contributions since its inception, as it contributed to supporting the continuous efforts to advance economic diversification and sustainable development. ENOC owns more than thirty subsidiaries that specialize in the fields of refining, blending lubricant oils, storage, aviation and retail.

ADNOC Company:

Over the past 46 years, ADNOC has played a major role in advancing the economic process in the emirate of the capital, Abu Dhabi, by managing and producing oil and gas reserves in the emirate on behalf of the Abu Dhabi government. Abu Dhabi globally.

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The price of gasoline in the UAE.. Responsible for determining the price:

It is noteworthy that the UAE fuel price standards approved by the Ministry of Energy and Industry are determined on a monthly basis, according to the average global oil prices, whether they rise or fall, after adding the operating cost of the distribution companies.

The price of gasoline in the UAE.. product prices for the month of August:

  • The price of 98 gasoline is 3.14 dirhams.
  • The price of gasoline 95 .. 2.02 dirhams.
  • The price of diesel is 2.95 dirhams.
  • The price of petrol Plus 91 is 2.95 dirhams.
  • The price of petroleum gas is 11 kg.. 36.75 dirhams.

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