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Malaysia and China sign memorandums of understanding in communications and cybersecurity


Malaysian Minister of Communications and Digital Fahmi Fadil confirmed that his country and China will sign several memorandums of understanding to strengthen bilateral relations, including in the areas of content production and cybersecurity.

The Malaysian newspaper (The Star) quoted Minister Fadl as saying: “Malaysia and China signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of communications in September last year, but there are many other aspects in which understanding can be achieved, including the field of content production and cybersecurity.”

He added: “Bilateral meetings were held and a number of matters were discussed, including measures for close cooperation between the two countries in many areas including content creation or co-production focusing on content that also attracts Chinese tourists to Malaysia.”

The minister said – in a press conference after the opening of the fifth media week between ASEAN and China – that the bilateral meetings also discussed efforts to enhance cooperation in the fields of media, broadcasting, news exchange and creative industries.

He indicated that he received an invitation for a working visit to Beijing and to meet with several parties, including his counterparts, in addition to being invited to meet with the parent company that manages the social media platform TikTok in China.

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