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Member of the American Democratic Party: Without Egypt, there will be no solutions to the Palestinian issue


Mehdi Afifi, a member of the American Democratic Party, said that the Cairo summit came at a time when the world is looking at the massacres taking place in Gaza and occupied Palestine, and there is a very important role that Egypt can play, especially after the failure of the alleged summit that it was expected to hold in Amman, Therefore, the Cairo Summit was at the highest level, especially since the number of leaders participating in it became large.

Afifi added, in exclusive statements to Al-Dustour, that Cairo is trying with all its might to help the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, especially after the destruction of water, electricity, and food and the bombing of all infrastructure, including the last bakery, meaning that a loaf of bread was bombed days ago. .

Afifi: Egypt plays a distinctive role in supporting the Palestinian cause

Afifi continued: What we saw of American and European international support for Israeli crimes reflects that talk about the Palestinian issue and the two-state solution was just nonsense and had no effect on the ground, which means that Israeli crimes are committed under the pretext of getting rid of terrorism, and sometimes they are called Other names, but the reality is that its real goal is to liquidate the Palestinian cause and try to exclude the Palestinians from Gaza to the Sinai desert. There is also an attempt to portray that all residents of Gaza are terrorists, and this has not happened in history and it is ethnic liquidation. Unfortunately, this is happening before the eyes and ears of the world.

Afifi stressed that Egypt plays a distinctive role in supporting the Palestinian cause, and often mediates between the various Palestinian factions. Egypt has been a pioneer in resolving the Palestinian crisis from the beginning, and therefore I believe that the Egyptian role is decisive in this issue, and without Egypt there will be no solutions. The scale of international participation in the Cairo Summit was good, and this is a signal to the world that Egypt supports this issue and stands by the Palestinians who are being bombed for every thirty seconds, as they find support and assistance from Egypt. It is also considered the reopening of the Rafah crossing, which was bombed before. The Zionist enemy, evidence of the strong support we see from Egypt.

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