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Member of the “Palestinian People” to “Al-Dustour”: The Cairo Peace Summit confirmed the rejection of displacement, and this is important


Walid Al-Awad, a member of the Palestinian People’s Party, said that the Cairo Peace Summit called for by President Sisi was held in light of the continuation of the brutal Israeli aggression and the “total annihilation” war carried out by the occupying state, fully supported by America, against our people, and this is concentrated in the Gaza Strip to kill what can be The number exceeded 4,000, with more than 10,000 wounded and 1,500 missing under the rubble, and more than 30,000 housing units completely destroyed.

Al-Awad added to Al-Dustour that this comes in light of a clear plan that Israel wants to displace the Palestinians towards Sinai, which is rejected Palestinianly, given the Palestinians’ insistence on clinging to their land and rejecting the liquidation of the Palestinian cause, and Egyptianly, because of the dangers this poses to Egyptian national security. What is important in this context is to first form a consensus to reject the displacement of Palestinians from their homeland, and to form effective regional pressure to take a decision in the Security Council to bring relief aid to our people and work to stop the ongoing aggression against our people.

He continued that the Cairo Peace Summit affirmed the rejection of displacement, and this is important in forming a consensus that rejects this, as well as opening humanitarian corridors to bring in aid to the Palestinian people so that they can live, and also calling for a ceasefire, which Israel will not abide by, as is clear.

Al-Awad stressed that the statements of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, yesterday, confirmed that the effort is focused on bringing in aid, and his pointing out the obstacles confirms that Israel is blackmailing the entire world and is not heading towards any response, but rather moving towards escalation and comprehensive bloody war, and what is required of Guterres is to go further than that. Much.

The member of the Palestinian People’s Party continued, “It is time for the position of the United Nations to be clear and decisive to stop the aggression and move towards an international conference to resolve the Palestinian issue through implementing the resolutions of international legitimacy.”

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