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Officially.. Former US President Donald Trump turns himself in to the authorities


The US authorities announced the official arrest of Trump in Atlanta on charges of electoral extortion and conspiracy.

Yesterday, former US President Donald Trump arrived at a prison in Atlanta, where he turned himself in to the Georgia state authorities, who accused him of attempting to manipulate the 2020 presidential elections.

It is expected that Trump will be arrested for a short period, and the arrest procedures mean that the accused’s fingerprints are taken and criminal photographs are taken of him before he is released on bail, the value of which was set in Trump’s case at $ 200,000.

Trump turns himself in

Former US President Donald Trump’s plane landed yesterday at Atlanta Airport, then his convoy headed towards Fulton Prison to turn himself in, in a historic incident.

Footage showed Trump’s plane landing at Atlanta airport, then he got into a black car, and headed with a convoy towards the famous Fulton Prison, to turn himself in.

Former US President Donald Trump had announced that he would surrender himself in the state of Georgia to face charges of conspiracy to overturn the 2020 presidential election, in addition to other related charges.

Former US President Donald Trump also announced the replacement of his chief lawyer in Georgia, hours before he was due to surrender to state authorities, according to CNN.

And “CNN” reported that Trump, Drew Findling, was replaced by attorney Stephen Sado, and the network stated that Sado submitted papers, on Thursday morning, to officially represent the former president in the case.

Sadow is an Atlanta-based attorney, whose profile indicates that he is a special counsel to VIPs, specializing in high-profile legal defense.

With this decision, Trump adds a lawyer who had previously challenged the (RICO) law related to corruption cases in Georgia, according to which Trump and the 18 defendants are being tried.

And “CNN” reported, quoting a source close to Trump, that the latter’s decision was not related to Findling’s performance, while another source familiar with the matter said that Sado is “the best criminal defense attorney in Georgia.”

A Trump source indicated it was not about Findling’s performance, while another source familiar with Sadow called him “the best criminal defense attorney in Georgia.”

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