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On his birthday.. Palestinians for “Al-Dustour”: Abu Ammar will remain a symbol of Palestinian patriotism


“They want me expelled, captured, or killed, no, and I tell them a martyr… a martyr… a martyr,” were the words of the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, during the Israeli invasion of Ramallah and the occupation’s siege of the building in which he was always present, and he obtained martyrdom in November 2004.

The fourth day of August coincides with the anniversary of the birth of Abu Ammar, who was born on this day in 1929, and on the anniversary of the day of his birth, Al-Dustour communicated with a number of Palestinians who sent messages and words against Abu Ammar, despite the passage of many years since his martyrdom, but he is still present in the minds and hearts of the Palestinians.

Dr. Jihad Malaka said: “The fourth of August is the day when a candle lit up from Jerusalem throughout the universe and lit the paths of struggle for the lovers of the homeland. his head and roams the world to remind them of the occupied homeland and the displaced people, and he made his keffiyeh a symbol worn by all the free people of the world and advocates of international peace and justice issues.

Malka added in statements to Al-Dustour: “The leader of the contemporary Palestinian revolution who proved to the world that the gun of the fedayeen is not a bandit, but rather a gun of a rebel whose aim is to liberate an occupied homeland from usurpers. And political battles and cultural battles for one goal, which is to liberate the land and the human being, and to transform the Palestinian from a refugee into a rebel fighting for his freedom and the freedom of his homeland, and forcing the whole world to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization as the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

He emphasized that Abu Ammar created a special struggle experience that was characterized by his characteristics and was imprinted with his character, in the fields of struggle, within the institutions of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

He pointed out that the symbolic martyr Yasser Arafat was a politician of a special caliber and created his own political school, and the language of dialogue was with him even in the most moments of political disagreement and separation, and he was keen on the political, representative and legal position of the Liberation Organization, gathering all the forces of the Palestinian national movement, and building bridges Friendship with everyone to serve the national cause and the rights of the Palestinian people.

Malka explained that Abu Ammar established red lines during his life that cannot be crossed, and East Jerusalem, with its far reaches and its church, and the outward and inward appearance of its land, was at the head of these lines, and with it the issue of refugees, and every grain of soil from the lands of 1967 that were determined according to the resolutions of international legitimacy. And the principle of the two-state solution as a geographical, political and demographic space, in which the Palestinians build their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital, and along these lines that he considered to be two phases. The late martyr, and they will not give up the legitimate Palestinian rights endorsed by international norms and covenants.

Malika Ali stressed that the memory of the late leader’s birth will remain immortal in the pages of the glorious history of the Palestinian people and their struggles, as he is one of the great men who recreated the Palestinian national identity.

Hantoli: We remember him as a leader who lived for the sake of Palestine and spent his life for it

As Dr. Fadi Thamin Hantoli from the city of Jenin said, on the anniversary of the birth of the symbolic martyr Abu Ammar, may God have mercy on him and let him enter his spacious gardens, we remember him as a brave Fatah leader, we remember him as a leader and a leader who lived for the sake of Palestine and spent his life for it.

Hantoli added, in exclusive statements to “Al-Dustour,” Abu Ammar lived and was martyred, and he is still alive in our hearts, and he will always remain in our hearts the legend, the hero, the leader, the father, the leader, and the symbol that will not be repeated.

Hantoli affirmed that Abu Ammar has an honorable history of struggle, which made our Palestinian cause the focus of attention of the whole world, saying, “We will never forget you, our martyr and our leader, Abu Ammar. You will remain in our hearts as long as we live.”

Bakr: The world knew about the Palestinian issue with his keffiyeh

From the Gaza Strip, Zakaria Bakr said: “The immortal Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, is a revolutionary icon that unites all Palestinians. He made the world aware of the Palestinian cause with his keffiyeh.

Bakr continued in statements to “Al-Dustour”: “I disagreed with him and disagreed with many, but he did not disagree with him and his leadership. He was able to build bridges of trust with all leaders, even the quarrels. He also considered Egypt and its army the gateway to liberation. He had close relations with all the former Egyptian presidents.”

Bakr emphasized that Abu Ammar will always remain a high and lofty national symbol, recording his national struggle in favor of the cause for more than half a century that he spent manipulating and debating, and his words will continue to adorn the wall of history’s memory when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly in 1974, “I have come to you with an olive branch and a rifle.” Rebel, do not drop the green olive branch from my hand. War erupts from Palestine and peace begins from Palestine.

Zbeidat: Abu Ammar will remain a symbol of Palestinian patriotism, and his keffiyeh will remain a symbol of the Palestinian wherever he goes

From the city of Jericho, Mohsen Zubaidat, an employee at the Ministry of Education, said: “The anniversary of the birth of the symbolic leader, Yasser Arafat, is a beacon that lit up for the Palestinians the way back on the global geographic map and sent hope for liberation and independence.”

Zubaidat added in statements to “Al-Dustour” that on the anniversary of Abu Ammar’s birth, we remember all the arenas of glory and fighting in all places of the Palestinian struggle on the Arab and international lands, adding, “Yasser Arafat about the Palestinians from refugee camps to revolutionaries defending their right to self-determination. Yasser Arafat carried The rebel’s gun when fighting and the olive branch in peace.

Zubaidat stressed that the late president will remain a symbol of Palestinian patriotism, and his keffiyeh will remain a symbol of the Palestinian wherever he goes.

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