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“OPEC”: The meeting of the G20 ministers discusses future energy uses


The Secretary-General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Haitham Al-Ghais, said that the meeting of energy ministers of the Group of Twenty (G20), scheduled to be held tomorrow, Saturday, in the Indian state of (Goa), will shed light on transformations in future energy uses and enhance cooperation between all parties in this important dialogue.

OPEC stated – in a statement today, Friday – that Al-Ghais will deliver a speech before the meeting, stressing the importance of compatibility between the processes of ensuring energy provision for all and reducing emissions, in addition to emphasizing that there is no unified path for sustainable energy in the future suitable for all, as well as the continuity of investments in the oil sector as a primary source of energy in the future.

The Secretary-General of (OPEC) said, according to the statement, “I am honored to represent the member states of (OPEC) in this important meeting hosted by India, which is one of the most important and strategic partners of the organization.”

The Organization of (OPEC) participates regularly in the meetings of the Group of Twenty (G20), due to its vital role in supporting the stability and balance of the oil and energy markets.

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