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Opening of the activities of the International Food Exhibition


Ammon – The Executive Director of the Jordan Corporation for the Development of Economic Enterprises, Abdel Fattah Al-Kayed, inaugurated today, Thursday, the activities of the International Food and Food Technology Exhibition, which is being held at the Jordanian Center for International Exhibitions in Mecca Mall.

The exhibition, which is held under the auspices of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply and Minister of Labor Youssef Al-Shamali, and is organized by Pulse International Company for Organizing Exhibitions and Conferences, in partnership with the General Syndicate of Foodstuff Traders, will be attended by local, Arab and foreign companies.

The exhibition, which opens its doors from two in the afternoon until eight in the evening, and lasts for four days, includes many exhibits for companies operating in the field of wide food industries.
Al-Kayed stressed that Jordan is witnessing a great momentum in organizing and holding exhibitions, and this indicates that the private sector is the wheel of growth in the national economy, noting that holding exhibitions and events contributes to strengthening economic integration between Arab and foreign countries.

He explained that the government has taken many economic legislative measures to support and stimulate the business environment in the Kingdom and attract investments, including restoring the organization’s exhibition management file in cooperation and partnership with the private sector.

Al-Kayed stressed the importance of exhibitions, which are a tool for networking and investing in opportunities between the Jordanian private sector and private sector institutions from different countries of the world.

For his part, the head of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce and the head of the Food Traders Syndicate, Khalil Hajj Tawfiq, indicated that the participation of many Arab and foreign companies in the exhibition activities confirms the great interest of all countries in the food sector, especially in light of the current global conditions, especially with regard to supply chains and conditions. the climate.

He pointed out that Jordan annually imports nearly 4 million tons of food, which constitutes 85 percent of the Kingdom’s food needs. This confirms that the private sector has great expertise that enables it to import and secure the local market with food.

Hajj Tawfiq expressed his hope to reach Arab companies in the food sector to meet global challenges in this regard, referring to the calls of His Majesty King Abdullah II and his keenness to pay attention to the food sector to make the Kingdom a regional center for food security.

The food trade sector is one of the main commercial sectors in the Kingdom, and includes 14,000 companies distributed among importers, wholesalers, and retail stores across the country.
For his part, the head of the Food Traders Syndicate in the city of Hebron, Wasim al-Jabari, indicated that the Palestinian private sector is keen to participate in all the economic events that are held in the Kingdom. With the aim of strengthening and increasing communication between the companies of the two brotherly countries.

Al-Jabari expressed his appreciation for all the efforts made by Jordan to serve the Palestinian economy, and to provide all facilities and overcome obstacles to the flow of goods to the Palestinian market, especially foodstuffs, stressing the need for cooperation between private sector institutions to expand trade exchanges between the two countries.

In turn, the representative of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce, Alaa Al-Nouri, referred to the depth of the relations that his country has with Jordan at various levels, noting the efforts being made to enhance their economic cooperation through partnerships, strategic and investment projects, and agreements signed with the aim of achieving economic integration.

Al-Nouri stressed that the higher economic interests of the two countries necessitate the private sector to make more efforts to support it through commercial and industrial partnerships, stressing that the Baghdad Chamber is ready to provide all support that pours into developing and enhancing Jordan and Iraq’s trade exchanges, as their numbers are witnessing continuous growth.

Khaled Abu Hamad, General Manager of Pulse International Company for Organizing Exhibitions and Conferences, said, “The economic events and exhibitions witnessed by the Kingdom since the beginning of this year confirm that Jordan will always remain a home for business and trade, an oasis of security and stability, and an incubator for all.”

He pointed to the government’s interest in providing all support for the economic activities established in the Kingdom, and following up on all issues related to the national economy.

And he indicated that his company was keen to organize the exhibition, in cooperation with the Syndicate of Foodstuff Traders, in order to highlight the great role that the food sector in the Kingdom has achieved and is witnessing, whether at the level of the quality of imported or locally manufactured foodstuffs that have reached the world level.

Abu Hamad pointed out that the establishment of such events on the territory of the Kingdom contributes to the promotion of local industry, the business and investment environment, and enhances Jordan’s role as a distinguished destination for family tourism, especially from the Arab Gulf countries.

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