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Poultry and egg prices today, Monday 11-20-2023 in Qena


The prices of white and red poultry in Qena Governorate witnessed relative stability, according to the latest updates and developments witnessed by the local market during Monday’s trading.

Al-Fajr monitored the prices of poultry in Qena Governorate, where a kilo of white chicken recorded an average price of 75 pounds.

Prices of white chickens

Today, the price of a kilo of white chickens decreased by 5 pounds, reaching between 78 and 67 pounds on the farm.

It costs 75 and 76 pounds to the consumer in popular stores.

Sasso chicken prices today

The price of a kilo of Sasso chicken today at farms is 90 pounds

It currently reaches stores to consumers at a price of 95 pounds.

Local chicken prices today

On farms, the price of local chicken ranges up to 85 pounds per kilo

It is sold to citizens in popular markets for 90 and 95 pounds.

Prices of maternal chicks today

A kilogram of maternal chicks on farms ranges from 65 pounds to be sold

It reaches the consumer in stores at a price between 69 and 70 pounds.

Egg plate price

The cost price of a carton of eggs delivered to the consumer is between 127 and 125 pounds per tray, especially since feed prices have witnessed significant declines over the past few days.

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